Is a potent formula designed to solve your problems caused by high levels of rust in well water. Use in concrete driveways, concrete walls, or around pool decks. This product can be used in automatic dispensing machines attached to sprinkling systems.


Mix 1 part of RUST & STEIN REMOVER to 2 to 4 parts of water depending on conditions. Apply freely to large areas. Let react for 10 to 15 minutes. Brush area with soft bristle brush then rinse with plenty of water. For stubborn areas repeat as needed. Will not harm porcelain, chromium or stainless steel. Non-injurious to most trees, shrubbery and grass. On concrete or similar porous surfaces rinse with plenty of clean water before area dries. On painted surfaces it is recommended to test in a small area first.

CAUTION: Do not use on polished marble. If accidently used on marble surface, do not let RUST & STEIN REMOVER remain in contact for more than a few minutes – rinse thoroughly with water. Marble may need to be re-polished if pitting occurs.

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